Meda Benard Othero –

Is a governance expert who draws his experience from continental organizations like the African Union (AU) and its special agency the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM). He holds a Post Graduate and Undergraduate degree both from the University of Nairobi with Majors in Political Science, International Relations, and History.


Meda has had a working relationship with OXFAM – Pan African Program, whereby he was tasked with Popularizing the AU Charter on Democracy, Elections, and Governance among other AU legal instruments. His assignment was further incorporated into the task force that developed the Agenda 2063 which is Africa’s development blue print. Meda also oversaw the development of the AU 2017 Theme; Harnessing the Demographic Dividend through Investments in Youth. In addition, Meda oversaw Kenya’s second APRM review process and greatly contributed to the Country document.


Meda has been a member of the Kenya’s Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) Youth Coordinating Committee, where together with other members were tasked with developing; An Electoral Inclusion Policy for the Kenyan Youth. Meda’s role in the committee was to give briefs and advice the electoral body on the Kenyan Electoral Process. Aside from that, Meda is a research expert and does write ups on electoral matters.  


Currently, Meda is an Adjunct Lecturer at The Catholic University of Eastern Africa, taking students through Political Science and International Relations disciplines, which explains his high enthusiasm in governance.  He is also pursuing a PhD degree in International Studies at the Catholic University of East Africa.